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I'm committed to the Newton community, and as City Councilor constituent services would be my number one priority. I'd also love to hear your ideas, hopes, concerns, and vision for our City. Email me! 
Protecting Our Environment
  • Protecting and supporting our parks and open spaces

  • Reducing carbon emissions and supporting clean energy sources

  • Incentivizing low-and-zero waste alternatives and composting

  • Combating invasive species and increasing native plants

  • Supporting our Ward 6 open spaces including Crystal Lake, Cold Spring Park, Newton Centre Playground, the Newton Centre Green & Garden, the Hyde Center playground and gardens, Bowen, Weeks Fields, pocket parks, and more!

  • Making the City bike and pedestrian friendly 

  • Working to reduce car miles driven and increase road safety for all users

  • Advocating for public transit and holding the MBTA accountable to provide frequent and reliable bus and train service in Newton

  • Making our streets and sidewalks safer benefits all our residents - young children biking and walking to school, older residents walking to our villages, people jogging, biking, or walking for fitness and recreation or to get where they need to go

Connecting Community
  • Welcoming newcomers and building an inclusive community 

  • Sharing community information and connecting people with our government

  • Amplifying the work of Newton’s amazing non-profits 

  • Increasing translations to ensure all residents have access to important information and resources

Creating Vibrancy and Livability
  • Supporting small businesses 

  • Creating accessible and welcoming spaces for all residents

  • Increasing affordability and variety of options for housing 

  • Allowing for a wider variety of housing, including options for older residents looking to downsize, and families just starting out to find their home right here in Newton

  • Supporting seniors who are "aging in place"

  • Promoting public art and preserving and supporting public spaces - our community centers, our public parks and gathering spaces

Supporting Seniors, Students, and Schools 
  • Increasing senior supports and services including continuing senior-oriented programming throughout our community, in addition to the senior center

  • Ensuring that our schools are fully supported financially 

  • Promoting resources that support families and young children

  • Pushing for ideas like increasing public bathroom access, which supports so many parts of our city - long distance runners training in Newton, parents with young children, seniors out and about in our villages, anyone who wants to be outside and enjoying Newton for extended periods of time.

Shared Values for Ward 6

Policies that bring people together - Ideas that bring people together - Places that bring people together

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